It is very evident from your photos that you give a lot of importance to family values and relationships. Your mind is clearly reflected in your work too. However, a humble and small advice to you. Just watch the brightness in most pictures. It becomes too much at times.

Michelle Kwajafa(non-registered)
Hi Tim, met you at the Crab Thing... Great site! Cheers! -Michelle
Jessica Yirenkyi(non-registered)
A-MAZING! Work. Keep it up!
Mariann Hein(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful photos. Really enjoyed your web-site.
Robbie McLean(non-registered)

Finally had a chance to drop in. Your grasp of lighting and composition is stunning. Great job all around.
Val Maher Rupert(non-registered)
Dear Blair & Norbert,
Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photos! You two look so handsome, and soooo in love! The pictures were worth the wait. I'm glad I got to meet you, Norbert (Earl), and I really enjoyed chatting with both of you at the GV reunion. I wish you many happy years together. Hope to see you both at GV Class of 75's 40th!
LaDonna Brezik(non-registered)
Such beautiful photos! I wish you both the best and It looks like your wedding day was wonderful! I hope all went well and I will talk to you soon. Please let me know if you would like any of these photos for a book or a wall. I would be happy to get some for you!

Aunt LaDonna
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